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Phagocyte : Vanessa, Lütti, Andi, Daniel

Andi / Drums 

Lütti / Guitars & Vox

Vanessa / Bass & Backing Vox

Daniel / Guitars


PHAGOCYTE aus  Münster  spielen  abwechslungsreichen,  dynamischen  Thrash  Metal  der  alten  Schule in neuer Interpretation. 


2005  als  PROOF  gegründet,  spielte  die  Band  zahlreiche  Gigs  in  der  näheren  und weiteren  Umgebung. Nach Diversen  Besetzungswechseln  wurde aus der ursprünglichen Combo ein Quartett  und  Lütti  ( Acerbity, Pushrod, Proof ) als Gründungsmitglied übernahm zusätzlich zur Gitarre die Vocals.  

Vanessa ( Presence of Mind ) unterstützt mit Bass und Backing Vocals. Nach weiteren, unzähligen Besetzungswechseln stößt im Januar 2022 Daniel ( Draupnir ) an der Gitarre dazu. Bevor nach dem letzten 

Wechsel Drummer Andi ( Acerbity / Suiciety ) im November den zuvor überaschend ausgestiegenen Drummer Flo ( For All This Bloodshed / Up North ) ersetzt.

Phagocyte sind bereit nun die Bühnen zu entern und abzuliefern.

                                                                                                           Profile Daniel

Name :  Daniel

Born :  October 1988

Previous Bands : Draupnir (Folk Metal)                                           
Joined Phagocyte in : January 2022

Job in the band : Guitars

Musical Heroes :   Mikael Åkerfeldt, Petri Lindroos, Christopher Bowes.
                           There are so many brilliant musiciansout there..                            

favorite bands : Benighted, Ektomorf, Behemoth, Bloodbath, Aborted, Ensiferum, DarkTranquillity, Gutalax, Alestorm, Dornenreich,
                          Hammercult and many more

Top 5 albums :  Hammercult–Anthems oft he Damned
                        Dornenreich–Her von welken Nächten
                        Bloodbath–Nightmares Made Flesh
                        Dark Tranquillity–Character

favorite food : If it’s vegan, I will eat it (  Not only grass from the meadow )

favorite drink : Coffee, Beer, Water ( sometimes )

Live philosophy : Das letzte Bier ist meistens schlecht

weirdest moment on the road : Driving hundreds of kilometers to a gig in Dresden and ending upplaying infrontof 30 people (including the other bands)as                                                       headliner

best memory on the road : Playing a full house show at Sputnik Halle, awsomefeeling
Phagocyte - Daniel
                                                                                                           Profile Lütti

Name :  lütti

Born :  October 1969

Previous Bands :  p.o.p ( Chaos Punk Metal noise )
                            Acerbity ( Death /thrash metal )
                            Pushrod ( hardcore / hatecore )
                            scoop ( thrash metal )
                            Proof ( thrash metal )

Joined Phagocyte in : from the very beginning

Job in the band : ripping guitars, screams and shouts 

Musical Heroes : for guitar i would say : ian crichton, paul gilbert for his technical skills and his humor, alex skolnik, Chris zoupa, Jore  morel on classical
                          For singing :  darren travis.... and also for his guitar playing, peter cortner / dave smalley and last but not least john bush ( probably the                                  best metal singer you will find )....and much much more besides the metal

favorite bands : exhorder, armored saint, solstice,fear of god, sadus, pestilence, sacrifice, gbh, discharge, dag nasty, bauhaus, peter murphy, Wire, skinny puppy,                                throbbing gristle, talk talk ( not the early stuff ), scott walker, saga, marillion ( with steve hogarth ) , lustmord, jarboe, bruce cockburn, third                            world, hybryds, all about eve, david sylvian, richard barbieri....just a few.... ;-)

Top 5 albums :  sepultura - beneath the remains
                         dag nasty - can i say
                         saga - heads or tales
                         fear of god - within the veil
                         morbid angel - altars of madness

favorite food : hasenbraten mit klößen und rotkohl, nachtisch : herrencreme....

favorite drink : coffee, coffee,coffee, beer

Live philosophy :  Wer nichts gelernt hat und gar nichts weiß glaubt den ganzen NaziScheiß

weirdest moment on the road :  on the road...? :-)...ok...may be this : our lead guitarist fell off the stage while playing his guitar                                                                                                solo so that all we could see were his feed up in the air. sooo funny for us....not for him i guess.... lol

best memory on the road : five bandmates totally drung on stage, an announcement for the next track, everybody starts playing a                                                                                           different song

Phagocyte - Lütti
                                                                                                           Profile vanessa

Name :  vanessa

Born :  february 1990

Previous Bands :  presence of mind ( alternative rock )
                            league of legs ( alternative rock )
                            Proof ( Thrash Metal)
                            At times I have projects with friendly musicians where I sing.

Joined Phagocyte in : From the very beginning

Job in the band : bassplayer, backing squaller and housekeeping

Musical Heroes : zack de la rocha for his ground-breaking and powerful nature and of course tim commerford for his  groove that
                          made me wanna play bassguitar, too.
                          alice cooper for his attitude towards music and live performances

                          homer simpson who told me : " no no no, never stop a rockin` "

favorite bands : machine head, testament, rage against the machine, guns n`roses, early in flames, death angel, soilwork, Sepultura, throwdown, slipknot,                                  skindred                             
                          non-metal : deichkind, lady gaga, radiohead

Top albums :     machine head - the blackening
                        guns n`roses - appetite for destruction
                        rage against the machine - the battle of los angeles

favorite food : a lot.....main point : vegetarian and feta on it ( please imagine homer simpson driveling " rhoaarhh " now..:-d
favorite drink : coffee...and beer, ( sparkling ) wine, pina colada, tequila and passion fruit juice

Live philosophy : " wege entstehen dadurch das man sie sieht " ( franz kafka )
                             way results from walking them

weirdest moment on the road :  the way to my first big concert ( Rage against the machine in arnheim, nl ). short summary: My fellow, i wanted to drive with                                                       was too stoned, so i had to drive the whole way on my own. just had my driving licence since a few weeks.....i lost my wheel                                                         rim, disturbed a toad migration, nearly had a rear,end collision and in the end i had a deer accident.
                                                    but the concert was great

best memory on the road : when i finished the last song two fans ( ok it were former bandmembers ) came to stageand handed me out some beautiful roses. i                                                 suddenly felt like playing at the " hitparade". but it was a really lovely gesture i allways like to remember.
Phagocyte - Vanessa
                                                                                                           Profile Andi

Name :  Andi

Born :  November 1971

Previous Bands :  Traitor ( Metal )   
                    Acerbity ( Death / Thrash Metal )
                            Suiciety ( Thrash Metal )
                            Nuke-O-Rama (Thrash / Groove Metal )

Joined Phagocyte in : November 2022

Job in the band : Drums

Musical Heroes : Nicko McBrain, Lemmy, Mike Portnoy, Eddie Van Halen, …there are so many

favorite bands : AC/DC, Benediction, Black Sabbath, Carcass, Death Angel, Exhorder, Exodus, Forbidden, Havok, Iron Maiden, Metal Church, Motörhead, Overkill,                                Prong, Sacred Reich, Suicidal Tendencies, Van Halen, Vicious Rumors and many, many more
Top 5 albums :  AC/DC – Let There Be Rock
                        Iron Maiden – The Number of the Beast
                        Overkill – Horrorscope
                        Metal Church – The Human Factor
                        Exhorder - The Law

favorite food : crispy duck, beef steak and chocolate
favorite drink : Beer, Pfirsich-Surprise

Live philosophy : stay wild, free and easy… and don`t forget to Rock`n`Roll

weirdest moment on the road : overnight stay with the band in an apartment, to which the unsuspecting owner surprisingly returns at night

best memory on the road : drinking whiskey with Paul Di`Anno ( Killers ) in his tour bus right before our gig ( Wacken 1994 )
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